BRM Sng Turbo 3.5$

    • yourinhell
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      I was wondering what is your BRM for limits like 1-3-7$ SNG

      And I am talking about turbo but if u play regular SNG i would love to hear your answer too. For myself, I am playing 3.5 turbo and I am multitabling for like 6 to 8 tables at the same time.

      I play 80 BI. For exemple, for the 3.5$ turbo i must have 280$ to play them.
      For the 7$ i will need like 560-600$.
      I know it is personnel to everyone but i would like to know if its good?

      Sorry for bad english, i am french xD !

      Ty 4 answer
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    • aftenieovidiu
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      standard rule is 50BI.but in y opinion can play more relaxed and not be scared about losing all your money.for the 3.5$ sng you can use 50-60BI and use 80-100BI for higher sng's
    • JayGatsby
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      What BRM you use depends also on your individual goals and on your mindset.

      You can, for example, take a shot on the 3,50s with 105$ (30 BIs) if you are disciplined enough to go back to the 1,50s with ~75$ say.

      Generally the more uncomfortable you feel going up and down in limits, and with Swings in general, the tighter your BRM should be.

      For Limits higher than 7$ I think one should have at least 100 BIs especially in Turbos.