Changing tourney ticket for $

    • topolman
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      Is it possible on party poker? I would like to change entry to big tournament for cash, or something similar... I know it was possible on fulltilt to register and unregister and you had cash instead of ticket...
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    • purplefizz
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      hi topolman,

      are you currently registered to the tourney? or do you just have a ticket in your cashier? if you are registered, i would try unregistering and see what happens. in Stars for example, if it is convertible, you will receive tourney$ (but not cash). some tickets are not convertible though and will remain just a ticket even after you unregister. i doubt it is possible to do anything in these cases except to use this ticket.

      if you want to be sure, pls contact Party Poker support. they have live chat which you can click in your cashier.

      maybe other members have experience here and can share :)

    • Scaletta
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      I won a ticket at PP once and it registered me automatically. I did contact live support and asked about whether it is possible to unregister and receive the ticket price back, but they said that it is not possible. Kinda sucks as I didn't win anything at that tourney :D