Q2 suited

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      Playing a $9,000 R/A and after about an hour and a half I'm in the BB with Q2s with a raise of x3 BB infront of me and only one other in the pot, I call and hit 225. Anyway I win the pot blah blah, after that I start getting some stick from a few players on the table for calling a raise with Q2s and whenever I call or raise they say 'oh he must have Q2 suited, anyway about 15 hands later with the mick taking still going on I hit pocket queens and put out a raise so they all say 'oh he must have Q2s' one of them calls and this is what follows.
      Flop: 22Q
      the jokers on the table 'ohhh he's hit the nuts'
      me 'better put a raise out there then'
      Guy calls
      Turn: 22Q Q
      me 'even better another raise'
      guy calls
      Flop 22Q Q J
      me 'looks like I'm allin then'
      at this point the guy just thinks I'm joking and don't have Q2 so he calls allin with AK.
      If only I could have seen his face when he saw quad queens.
      Anyway made me laugh and couldn't have worked out any better for me.
      Joke was on him in the end

      also not sure if this is in right section?
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