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      Hey guys. Can you please help me with finding out if my bwin account is tracked here? I remember I signed up for a tourney from ps there and remember that I signed up on bwin some time ago after seeing the platform here. It was only yesterday that I've deposited and played some cash games, but I can't see the points info anywhere there and I thought maybe I'll see the s points here, but nothing's showing up here either. It's been about two days now, that's why I'm asking, to be sure that I'm tracked here. Thanks
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      Hey dariusgeorgel,

      The only way we will know whether or not your account is tracked is once it receives Strategy points.

      Have you entered your Bwin player ID on this page

      Also, it is not uncommon for their to be a delay in getting the data from the Poker Rooms in relation to Strategy points. I would not start panicking just yet and hopefully your SPs will come in very soon.

      Best wishes,