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      Hi Guys,

      My name is Adrian and i work full time as a stock broker. In my spare time i like to play poker online and love to grind maybe 4-5 days a month. In those days how ever i play 4-6 hours and a lot of tables.

      Recently deposited on ipoker network to start some hu grinding. Deposited 100usd yesterday and now have a roll of 440usd. Grinded out the majority of the bonus and enjoyed every second of it! I 2-3 tabled to start out with on 2usd, worked my way up to 5usd where i played the majority of the games!and played 2-3 tabling 8 games at the end of 10usd. I dont like playing these games with anything less then 40 buy ins.

      My Ev is 335usd so yes i am running well! and i understand that out of any game this has the highest variance. But wow im quite comfy half of my games are 5usd and 10usd now:) . Cant believe the bad play!
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