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      I wanted to discuss a topic that I started think about more quite recently for my 1000th post at this forum :) .

      The topic is game selection.

      I have been playing poker now profitably now for at least 3 years. I mostly been keeping the game I started with when I first joined pokerstrategy namely 9 man's SnG's. recenty I was comparing results for all the different SnG structures and the schedueled tournaments and came to the stunning conclusion that this is not my best game and that I could most likely would get better results focusing on 18 man SnG's, 180 man or schedueled. Although the last 2 the samplesize isn't very big I still think it is big enough to say something if or if not I am winning player in these games. It would have been better for me if I made this comparison sooner to get clearer view which games will most likely give me the best value.

      Last I spoke to a friend that told me he was playing if games he didn't really was enjoying and wasn't sure he could make a decent profit out of them but was playing them because they where the only games at that site that he could grind a decent number from to clear the bonus he had at that site and to end as high as possible for him in the rakerace.

      Whilst this isn't something bad I think you always should consider taking this aproch will get you the best $/h. I think it is really important to take in to account all the factor to decide which aproch would most likely give you the best $/h you might be better off playing a game where you get a much better roi % on them chasing bonusses.

      Factor's that are important are:
      -What is my $/h on average with my current best game ( asuming at least a decent samplesize )
      -what do I earn at my currentsite on bonus, rakeback/vipsystem ( calculated to $/h )
      - how is the traffic at my current site and what for traffic can I expect at the new site
      - what can I expect to earn from bonusses, rakeback/vipsystem
      - can I expect a good $/h playing at the new site

      Ofcourse when your learning a new game your profitabilaty probably won't be as high as in the game your best it is definatly worth it to try and learn new games.

      1. It will give more variaty if you can grind different games from session to session. Which keeps the games more enjotable imo :)
      2. you won't be limited to just one variant which gives you a better choice which games seems the most profitable.
      3. It gives you the change to discover variants that might enjoy more or/and in which you could achieve a higher profitabilaty then what you are currently playing

      Also if there are good games running but they are a bit out of your bankroll you could always try to get staked this way you keep to the bankrollmanagement( well at least if you posted at least 300th post in the english community forum that is :D ). Now you will be able to play in these good games ( well good if you make a good tableselection :p) , you can get a bit of experience playing a bit higher stakes you might get a little more advantage adding a mark up if you already have shown good results over a decent sampesize
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