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pokerstars RNG doesnt add up

    • racenutalways
      Joined: 03.07.2008 Posts: 179
      What a run I'm having, this is how I run when all the chips are in.

      225K hands played on stars SnGs

      AK loses to Ax 42%
      AK losing to pairs 57%
      AK losing to random hands 54%(not includ pairs,Ax or Kx)
      AK hits pair on flop 15%
      AA loses to KK and QQ 30%
      KK loses to all hands other then AA 32%
      KK loses to QQ 25%
      QQ loses 32% when up any hand other then overs
      QQ loses to underpairs 26%
      QQ loses to random hand that don't include pairs, Ax or Kx 29%
      QQ losing to AQ 41%

      Sets losing to flush draws 56%
      sets losing to OESD 30%
      sets losing to gutter 73%
      sets losing to overpairs 26%
      sets losing to top pair 9%

      Flush draws hitting 17% these are just examples.

      500K hand at stars playing cash

      AA loses to any pair 26% after 543 showdowns
      AA lost to KK 47%, wasnt until I played 400K hands on FT to have AA even out to 26%, where its been for another 225K hands
      KK did well except when vs QQ 27%

      After completing and documenting 1.2 million hands
      sets lost to overpairs 26%
      sets lost to draws 36% inlc fl, oesd and gutters
      sets lost to top pair 8%

      AA vsKK lost 26%
      AAvsQQ lost 26% blah blah blah, pairs outdrew my ace 133 times out of 543 showdowns 25% overall

      Anybody out there with a larger then 1 million hands database????
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