hiya guys

    • CandyCaneGrl
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      hey guys.....i just went broke on ftp....and i was wondering if theres any chance of a stake or a loan or anything....im sorry to ask this but i really need it....really wanna play some poker......account on ftp is EXTREMEPIMP05 plz send me a pm on here if ya think ya can thxs
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    • damaincontender
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      LOL...u didnt even bother to write me in as ur referral when u signed up here...now im just gonna laugh at the fact ur broke!!!

      ur turn to go spam sites for taf money...
      have a good one
    • thunderbird56
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      Hey CandyCaneGrl,

      Don't ask for money on the forum! As already mentioned by damaincontender, you can re-charge your bankroll with our TAF program.

      I strongly recommend that you review your games, study the rules again, especially the BRM, sothat you'll not be in this situation again in the future.

      Best regards,