Steps 5 and 6 for , free $50, Not same as this guide

    • farmgirl
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      I created a party account as per the email i received offering free $50 with no deposit required at party poker and followed all steps exactly, as per,

      My Party Account i created is screennamed
      and i entered it in my profile here at pokerstrategy.

      However as i got to steps 5 and 6 (in detailed instructions), i click deposit and no "Real Account" creation page comes up as your step 6 suggests it will.

      So, my question is.
      Will i still receive the free $50 in 48 hours without making a deposit, as the offer emailed to me said.?

      Is this a quirk due to some update in software and your bonus guide not been updated to reflect this change.

      Please let me know what i need to do, if anything at all to have the 50 in my newly created account account in 48hrs.

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