What should i do ? Keep my Roll Or Use it?

    • Xeonz123
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      So i'm a 19 Year Old lad , Who lived with a friend in a nice cozy flat however i've recently lost my job as my Cafe was closed down where i worked and i've been forced to leave the flat as i cant pay the rent no more, So shamefully im living with my Parents again :/ . I played micro on 888 ranging up to 25nl and managed to build a bank roll of 855 Dollars on 888 however i've become quite attached to my bank roll i've been building
      for a couple of months. I feel very comfotable at micros and easily dominate them in my sleep , If i had the 300 Posts i would even ask for staking for it! . Should i use it to help my finacial situation or leve it and desperatly scrounge the money somewhere else?

      Ps.If i do use my Desperatly needed roll i would be taking away my hobby of poker what i love!
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    • diamondMKD
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      Take 500 dollars of your roll and use it for your needs and play with the rest........when(if) you reach 800 dollars again, take 500 out and play with the rest, and so on....
    • conall88
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      when don't you make an attempt at grinding to pay the bills in between jobhunting?

      submitting 20-30 CVs a week while grinding 30hrs a week is pretty straightforward.

      what would you do with the roll if you withdraw it?
    • Xeonz123
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      Originally posted by diamondMKD
      Take 500 dollars of your roll and use it for your needs and play with the rest........when(if) you reach 800 dollars again, take 500 out and play with the rest, and so on....
      Well this is certainly a idea, I need the money for the two months im behind in rent. I wasnt expecting to lose my job so i owe money including my overdaft.
    • Xeonz123
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      how Hard are freerolls to win and grind it back from a very small bankroll?
    • gsergiul
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      Very hard. Keep money for 2nl at least.
    • KozakFB
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      Originally posted by Xeonz123
      how Hard are freerolls to win and grind it back from a very small bankroll?
      So hard.

      50 dollar free rolls sometimes get up to 5k entrants...
    • Xeonz123
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      Brilliant... I might go see if i can get staked 25 Dollars or 50 Then On To grind it back..
    • purplefizz
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      hey Xeonz123,

      i agree with the others, building a decent roll with freerolls is gonna be quite hard and will take a long time.
      if playing poker microstakes is easily profitable for you, then maybe you should consider leaving yourself a small roll to work with so you can still grind for a little extra income while you look for a new job.

      good luck in your journey :D


      ps will move this thread to beginner's forums where it should be :)

      btw have you checked out our other free money offers:
      $7.70 on Poker770 and
      $8 on 888 Poker?

      its not much but at least something to work with. also, PokerStrategy.com has daily $100 freerolls on Ipoker and twice daily on Party Poker for tracked accounts.
    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Withdraw $500, leave yourself with $355, big enough bankroll for NL10.

      If you're winning at them stakes, i'd continue, unless you're desperate for the cash.
    • Xeonz123
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      Thanks for the help guys
    • Phgrinder
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      id take out everything and leave 15BI for NL5 or NL10 and try to be aggressive with whats left since you said it yourself that you can crush the field.

      grind those and freerolls and you should be on your way back
    • Maciulis3d
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      Firstly i think you need to choise what limit you would like to play :)
      then calculate your buy ins and check the bankroll management, for a cash games 25BI its enough ex. if you choise to play NL10 ;) take 250$ from your bankroll and you can cashout all your money :) i think it's very good to make a cashout for your emotions :)
    • pleno1
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      Hey Xeonz123,

      I think what matters most here is the liquidity needed in your life and the liquidity available in your real life.

      If you are safe or comfortable for the next 3/4 months then why not treat poker as a little part time job. If your bankroll keeps improving then the money you make per hour will be higher than that you earn working in the cafe and with all due respects to the cafe, you will be "working" doing something you really like. Being paid to do your hobby? Nice life!

      Christmas is coming up soon and lots of places are looking for some temporary staff which will allow you to get a little extra income and ofc if you impress perhaps a job afterwards.

      Let us know how you get on, your story has had quite a few responses here, perhaps making a blog -Blog section - would be a good idea so others could follow?

    • datsmahname
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      I'd recommend leaving it and not withdrawing. If you work hard on your game theres no reason to remain at the micros.

      withdrawing regularly can actually represent a leak for players who are capable of beating higher stakes.

      Just work on your game and build your roll responsibly.

      that would be my suggestion. obviously there are exceptions and situational stuff.
    • outspan
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      Since you said you crush the micros, I think your best bet is to withdraw part of the roll (personally, I would never withdraw more than half) only when you absolutely need it and then use aggressive BRM to grind it back in cash games, which have the lowest variance.

      I myself use a very aggressive BRM that has been working great. You can read about it in my blog, but here's a quick explanation:

      I need 50eur to play 6 tables of nl2 and 125eur to play 6 tables of nl5. In between, I will add a nl5 table for every (125-50)/6 eur I have over 50eur. So, I will play:
      :spade: 1x nl5 5x nl2 between 62.5 and 75;
      :spade: 2x nl5 4x nl2 between 75 and 87.5 eur;
      and so on.

      And of course, the same principle goes with all the other jumps between limits.

      If you crush the micros like you said, I strongly recommend adopting this BRM, because:

      :diamond: it increases your winrate and allows you to level up sooner
      :diamond: it gets you used to playing at the higher limit, so you're not too anxious when you first try it;
      :diamond: it makes it easier to adopt good BRM. If you run into variance, removing one table is a lot easier than leveling down on all your tables.