Hello Everyone,

I've recently returned to poker after a year or two off due to some RL issues. I started fresh and decided to get serious. To keep me going and in hopes of meeting some fellow community members i've decided to start a blog. thought it would be nice to get support, advice and talk about poker and life in general.

Some info about me. Real names Greg, Live in Canada Ontario and i'm 23 years old. I'm a chef, and am in school for it right now. so besides working in a restaurant and school, i play poker as much as i can. Been playing for a few years but recently decided to take it very seriously and put some major effort and investment into it.

i stated playing again last week with the $50 i had from poker strategy and started to grind out NL2 BSS. i've played about 10k a week and i've gotten my BR up to $100.

Short term goals,
Move up to NL10
finishing reading "treat your poker like a business" and "small stakes no limit hold'em"
watch some more video's
play about 10k hands a week (hitting around 35 and 40k a month)
meet some cool community members and talk poker and do some sweat sessions.
get coached
buy HEM

Shout outs!
i honestly thought i wouldn't come back to poker, but i read a lot of twicet's blog and watched his video series, mainly pink performance. was really inspired to come back and play, so shout out to twicet and vonki for the inspiration.
also to gerv, before i quit had a coaching with him, great coach, he plugged some leaks i had that i've always remembered and taught me how to better play pocket pairs and CO/BU steals. without him i'd have missed out on some +ev spots and even in the year or so i quit i havn't forgot what he told me.

now for some grinding music i love to listen to when i play.