I've recently seriously started playing heads up with a friend of mine that I play live, can't play him live any more since he's shifted countries. So we play off and on, and we just seriously started playing again.

I used a HUD with most of the things that seemed efficient. I wouldn't say I need it much because he's been at my table's for the last 3 years. But its still nice to have. But what do you guys suggest I should display on the HUD, for heads up, and for 3 way poker. (Sometimes another friend joins us)

We play a single table. 1/2 stakes, and we almost always start with starting 100 or 200 chips. Max buy in is 400 allowed is 400.

We play for many hours and get fairly deep stacked soon, but I can't really help that, the way he plays.

Anyways, I just wanted to know, how many hands do you have to play to statistically beat variance, heads up? Like beat the luck factor.
1k,2k or more like 5k?


Also, do you Heads up pro's have any tips for me, the play is crazy loose most of the times, but he knows how to play the game, and can use it to his advantage, in the sense that he really mixes it up. etc.

I couldn't find any articles for heads up, just one in the silver section.

At least not till gold.