Is it fair to me? 888poker?

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      Hello everyone.
      I'm a new player at 888poker. I deposited $50 and got many friendly supports from live chat people. First I thought that this site is very great. However, after 2 days playing, the nightmare came. They locked my acc for ID confirmation purpose. It was reasonable. I sent them an image of my passport and two sides of my VISA card. However, after more than 4 days, my acc is still locked while they say that
      "The matter has now been forwarded to the relevant Department. We will reply to your query as soon as possible and with individual care. Please bear in mind though, that during peak times it may take up to 72 hours to reply".
      I missed many of freeroll tours for IRON status and first deposit also. Is any account locked after it is deposited and no one benefit from your first deposit freeroll? Can I claim any compensation? Every of my email just replied by auto mail. And how about the support chat? They're just friendly when I deposit, but when I want to ask about my locked acc, the answer I received is "please wait, it's our college responsibility". Even when they cannot answer, they end up the conversation impolitely.
      Can you guy consider about your customer service quality? I'm running out of my patience.
      Thanks for reading.
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      Dont worry , and i had some problem , but now is everithing ok

      888 Account disabled?
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      Hi apollo540419,

      First off, I will move this thread to the relevant 888 Poker Board.

      Secondly, I believe you are aware that ID Verification is standard in this spot. It is of huge benefit to you in the future for security purposes obviously.

      I completely understand that you are frustrated about missing the 1st deposit freeroll and the Bronze freeroll. Maybe, once your situation has been resolved, you can then contact them about this.

      However, for now, I would sincerely advise you to do your best in getting the ID verification resolved. Try being as patient as possible here. I know it's annoying, but good things come to those who wait :)

      All the best and keep us informed please,

      Kind regards,
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      Sorry, wrong Topic!