All In Equity Chart

    • moodyuae
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      I want some information regarding the All In Equity chart. I've been playing for a while, but just got software to manage and learn from recently, so I don't quite understand it as well as I would like.

      Basically I was told the AIEV is basically in a range of 200-300 hands in lower than your winnings, then you got lucky, and if you reverse it, unlucky.

      but over the long run, it means your making the right decisions, and putting it in with the best of it.

      So in a range of about 3000 hands, there is a big difference between my winnings and my AIEV line, my winnings being up. Does that mean I'm getting lucky, or does that mean I'm putting it in with the best of it.

      Odd thing is, when I was running good on the website, the lines were fairly close together, when i was getting dealt absolute crap, that is when the lines parted, even though all my sessions I ended up positive.

      I play 6 handed, 100NL on Europoker.

      Any information will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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    • Kikser1214
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      Ok let me try!!!
      Example: in 100$ pot you hold AA and opponent hold QQ so you are around 80:20 favorite, so EV line go up 80$ no madder the results.So if you win your $ line will go up for 100$ an EV for just 80$ and if you loose your -100$ and EV will still go up for 80$.

      And 3000 hands its still small sample for EV line to get even ant you should hope you EV stay up, and i don't thing this is such big deal you just need to focus on playing good don't bother your self whit this thing you are wasting energy for something you cant influence.

      Thea are articles on Expected Value you in strategy section if you want to learn more.

      Best of luck i hope i was helpful.