Any MTT-players from PS that is regs @ PKR?

    • Holman123
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      Hey everyone!

      I just wonder if here is anyone who use to play their mtts? (often)

      I use to, and it would be nice to see if someone from here do it aswell!

      If you do, then please tell me your nick there, so we can own them together! :]

      (Im swedish, and tired.. so sorry for the english :f_biggrin: )
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    • Holman123
      Joined: 05.01.2011 Posts: 2,955
      So more than 6 months later, I guess there is no regs on pkr's mtts from here.. :P
    • Targetme
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      donno any mtt regs who would play on that site do they even have big tournaments? How many run a day a reg needs like alot
    • kabotajoe
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      Fiiiiiissssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :f_grin:

      Not much of a stars-reg though =)
    • cocobomb
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      Hiya mate I play MTTs on PKR only low buy-ins up to 5/6$.Im a 1$ regular tho :)
      My SC is MancunianFlow if you find me.
      See ya @ the tables :P
    • Holman123
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      HAHAHAHAHAH KabotaJoe! Nice to see you here! :s_biggrin:
    • brajke
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      Hi there friend, I'm also on PKR but low stakes/ buy ins only... See ya at the table if you still play in this room.
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      Hey brajke,

      How are you finding PKR then?

    • Guntersafeword
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      Fairly new to Poker strategy... but not to PKR... screen name: Adrok...
      I learnt and fell in love with the game here... got my rankings up in the top 100... then they updated and advertised everywhere... I'm sure you have all seen... and the amount of fish and Donks have tripled... Which makes the Mtt's extremely frustrating... I actually even had a week off because of the terrible, terrible bad beats... but some coaching here and some smart play and I should sort it out... (I hope)

      /boom /gg

      maybe see you there!! :D
    • Holman123
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      Since the new MTT-schedule im almost not play there any at all... have been in the top10 but was mooonths ago.

      There is great value for sure. But really dont enjoy the new things...

      And really... they havent even made "Auto rebuy" or "Auto Addon" yet... instead they make stuffs like "Now you can buy drinks on the table for PKR-points...

      nowdays it takes more of the "drivers" on the computer than it did before...

      Many people always said that "PKR" is a joke.. but whocares when its this much value!?

      But yeah, when they rather making it like "The Sims: Poker Edition" instead of getting important stuffs.. then I really dont know..