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Playing Poker like Rocky Balboa - from 10$ to 1250$ in 32 day with MSS MTT

    • churchilland
      Joined: 26.01.2011 Posts: 263
      Who am I and what my blog will be about? A little bit more then just a begginer, but still somebody who is struggling to raise his first decent bankroll at poker, from which you can live.
      I have my other blog for reviewing my development at blogspot - since i dont really see forum as a blog space, but then i decided to start coblogging here, maybe not daily, but weekly, because I want to engaged with pokerstrategy community which I found out is very cool
      I will use this forum thread/blog only for this 31 days /1250$ challenge, I'll bog here until I reach this goal -1250$ even if that means longer then 31 days

      Oh and I already started the challenge two days ago so hopefully on december 27 I'll finish

      Challenge plan/scheme I was learning MSS and MTT for a while, so let's say I'm MTT with 6 tables and can keep averange 10/100 hands and in one hours with MTT I can play 400 hands, so then if i manage to discipline myself to play 12 hours per day and to keep this winrate i should claim in limits by these scheme:

      Formula - money goal/level BB= BBgoal/480 BB= how many days that can took me

      NL2 (bb -0.02) - to win 100 $ or 5000BB = 10 days
      NL4 (bb-0.04) - to win 150$(250$) or 3750BB = 8 days
      NL10 (bb-0.10) - to win 375 $(625$) or 3750BB = 8 days
      NL25 (bb-0.25) - to win 625 $(1250$) or 2500BB =6 days

      In other way I have to reach those levels in these dates:
      NL4 - december 5
      Nl10 - december 13
      NL25 - december 21
      Nl50 - december 27

      I plan that one other day I'll upswings, downswings ect, heppfully my upswings will balance downswings and I will keep averange 10/100 BB

      Poker live schedule

      Yeah i have no life, but alto time to poker so taking maximum time posible to poker:

      06:00-09:00 poker studies(to blog about yesterday sessions, 1 article summarize,watch 1 video)
      09:00-10:00 walking time, just to get fresh air and at least once per day to leave a day
      10:00=11:00 Lunch (watching tv series)
      11:00-17:00 1st poker session 6 hours
      17:00-17:30 Dinner time, just break
      17:30-23:30 pokeris 2nd session 6 hours
      23:30-24:00 notes taking, what to review tommorow
      24:00-00:30 reading not poker and sleeping

      Some points I know I know my plan is very very ambitious, but my philosophy is that is better to make bigger plans and to take from yourself maximum effort that would challenge me then to go easy path,

      I also know that i put too small time for learning ( only 3 hours) but i spend months in reading articles, revising, summarizing them at this website so i kind have already background of theory, what more i need to discipline myself to put that in practise

      LAST POINT - all room fishes - I'm coming for YOU

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