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      thekingfathe 71 $2 $3 73% $176 Hot PokerStars x

      Hi my name is Gemma and I started playing real money poker for the first time yesterday on pokerstars. Before I just used to play on the play money tables but since I joined this site I play for real. I started the day off with $50 from PS and went down to $25 after about 2hours playing SSS which didn't really work out for me. I then read the sngs strategy and decided to play $3 turbos, this is the lowest turbo you can get on pokerstars. Opened 6 tables and played from there. After 71 games I have increased my bankroll to $225 in a day iwth a ROI of 73% which I found on

      Is this just a lucky start or can this ROI be expected at buy ins this low?
      I mean I play tight to begin with conserve my chips for ICM and expliot the bubble everytime and it works out. I play 10 seaters as well just incase thats an extra variable I have over seen.
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