Hi all,

I bought for the first time their cheapest subscription plan which is $15.99 x 1month of150 searches/day because I wanted to reset one of my usernames.

When I had purchased it I reset it directly as I was going to start my sessions.. Then for several reasons I postponed my sessions so I thought why not check my current Sharkscope results, the stats exclusively for subscribers.

When I finished checking them out I wanted to reset it one more time.. As I'm in one of their many Leaderboards I had to email them for the reset. Surprisingly, they replied that you can only reset your username once a month!

I REALLY! didn't know about that so I replied explaining my reasons and asked to make an exception for one time.. But they didn't buy it m*therf1ckers!

1st and last! I was actually planning to purchase or extend my subscription plan as it's quite useful (but not necessarily) to me but F*CK SHITSCOPE! CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS KING!!!!!