Equlilab Omaha Suggestions

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      i just found out about Equilab Omaha and took a first look.
      I play a lot PLO High stakes so I use Pro Poker Tools a lot. So far I like the Equlilab program. You made some nice improvements.
      I still have some suggestions which would help me a lot using the program (and hopefully others)
      I will start a list and update here if i find something new:

      1.) Defining User Ranges:
      That is really important i think. I wanna be able to build my own Ranges save them, and easily access them. I also wanna be able to use saved ranges to build new ones.

      2.) automatically add *:
      This is also very good in pro poker tools: you can write AA instead of AA** or dd instead of *d*d**. Save a lot of time and i think should be working with your syntax

      3.) more usable percentile Ranges:
      I like that you have different percentile Ranges, but I would prefer different ones.
      Nobody plays random hands and if you dont need these tools to win easily.
      I would like to have percentile Ranges calculated against something like:
      - 1Player 60%, 1 Player 40%, 1 Player 25%, 1 Player 15%, 1 Player 8%, 1 Player 5%
      - 2 Players 35% & 5%-25%, 2 Players 40% & 10%
      - 3 Players 35% & 5%-30% & 25%
      - 4 Players 35% & 5%-30% & 5%-25% & 20%
      These Ranges would represent the Ranges of Hands people actually play a lot better. for more than 1 Player I sugested varying Ranges to mix it up. wouldnt change a lot to just use 25% or 30% all the time I think.
      to be honest I dont expect huge changes be this but small things can matter in PLO.
      For example a hand like 6788ss does relatively the same against random or good hands, While QQ87o does a lot better vs random hands since its High pair will more often hold up. Thats why these hands are overrated in your ranking.
      I also would find it cool to be able to design custom percentile ranges like balanced 3betting ranges etc but this might be complicated.

      4.) Add ":" as a second "&":
      this is just for comfort of Pro poker tools users to have a similar syntax.
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