what do u guys think about multi table?

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      Hi than048,

      I've moved your thread to the relevant board, I hope you don't mind ;)

      Multitabling is such a personal thing imo. As long as you have the strategy down and feel comfortable at x amount of tables I believe it's fine.

      However, I suggest you do some research with your winrates at certain points. Yes playing 4 extra tables may be good for rakeback or moving up the VIP ladders but if it's worsening your winrate then is it really a good idea?

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    • Silicernium
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      I think, it is for every one important, to find following out: at which number of tables do you have the highest WR. This means BB/100 and rakeback. This point you need to find out.

      It is not good for your mindset if you play BE and with RB you are a winning player (for example 5BB/100). It is better, if you make the same WR with 4BB/100 at the tables and 1BB/100 over RB.
    • musashi87
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      $/houre that's what really counts.

      But if you want to work on your game and improving more than 12 tables at once would get you nowhere
    • esuohdla
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      If your crushing the limit I see no reason why not to play that number, but if you think you can improve I would play less tables and work on my game.
    • pleno1
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      Hey than048,

      Unfortuantely I am going to have to disagree with those in the thread. To me poker is all about improving and becoming the best player that you can be. You have so many resources on PS.com to improve and become a better player. Playing so many tables will only STUNT your progression.

      Because micro limits are considerably easier than low/mid/high stakes, the games can be beaten by playing in an auto pilot style that just focuses on playing big hands and extracting value from bad players. This is shown by you playing 20 tables, as its alot easier to wait for good hands and extract value as opponents will generally not be keeping track of game flow or meta game.

      So you are now at a stage where you can make money playing 20 tables of micro stakes which focuses on you playing in pretty much auto pilot waiting for good hands. This is fine and a fantastic strategy for the micros, but how do you expect to improve as an all round player to prepare you for the higher stakes? If/when your bankroll increases to enable you to move up to say NL50 in the next few weeks/months you aren't going to be able to get away by playing so many tables and waiting for premium hands. Players will be floating, 3betting light, raising rivers, c/raising flops with air and other moves that you won't be familiar with.

      I suggest playing less tables and really concentrating on developing as a poker player. Playing 4-8 tables on NL10 and thinking about game flow and what other players are thinking will have a good LONG TERM effect on your poker career and you will see that your red line will gradually improve because you are winning more hands by bluffing against weak players who you are exploiting.

      What do you think?

    • Heave112
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      Well, I think 20 tabling is fine @ NL5 since standard ABC poker is an easy win, but you should reduce to something like 6-10 tabling on NL10 then 4-6 tabling on NL20/25 just so you get used to the variance, and play styles.
    • MrMardyBum
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      What Pleno1 said 1,000 times.

      I kept trying to MT and it got me some nice bonuses but playing 24 tables is tough work... It tires you out, and not a lot sinks in because as soon as you act on one tables there is at least 3 tables that also demand your attention so you just act and move on. So you are never really improving your game because you are not adapting to players the way that you should, even at the micro's.

      If 4 tables is slow try switching to 8 or 9 (depending on screen setup). And if you are playing FR try switching to SH, there is a lot more going on to focus on to stop you from becoming bored like you can on FR tables.

      For now if I was you I'd look at the micro's like the foundations to your perfect mansion, do you want it done quickly with no attention to detail, or do you want a good solid base that can weather any storm on which to build your investment in the future?

      Anyway, best of luck whatever you decide. :)