graph "converted" to 10man sitngo

    • martinemem
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      What could be nice is, if some of you could agree or disagree with me, and my calculations, regarding if this style would be profitable in the longrun.

      I personally dont think the graph is increasing steady enough for me to be profitable in playing ex: 1$ 10man sitngo.

      The reason it dont go down at all is, that i only have been playing free tours ;D

      So if we say it go down a little everytime it just is a straight line, then - isnt there a to long break before i win again?

      Fx bw: 129~140 tours.
      And bw: ~145~215 tours

      The reason i cant figure out to just calculate it is, as mentioned above, the sample only contains free tours.

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    • martinemem
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      any thoughts?
    • MrMardyBum
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      Which poker room are you playing on mate?
      What is your ITM%?

      If you are winning the freerolls, then I can't see why you wouldn't win at the stupidly soft $1 SnG.

      Not sure if you withdraw any of winnings or not but you are almost rolled for the $5 SnG if you haven't.

      So if I was you I would start playing the $1 SnG - Play for example 100 - If you are in profit after the 100, I'd move to the $2 or $3 (site dependant) for another 100 games. Should you prove profitable in those games too (Which I think you should), then just decide on a BRM plan and stick to it.

      When deciding your BRM plan be sure to use one that you feel comfortable with - I don't play SnG's myself but I believe the standard is 100 BI for each limit. But you can adapt that to best suit yourself.

      I personally don't think you will find MUCH of a skill difference between the free ones and the micro $ ones except people might not stack off all their chips quite so quickly. Play a disciplined game and I am confident that you should be able to start making your way through the limits.
    • martinemem
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      I play on various of rooms.
      Mostly because i want to build a good roll, so hunting all the freerolls there is actually ;D
      If u want a list, well here:

      Carbon Poker
      Coral Poker
      Party Poker
      Pokerstars(not allowed to join them again before i pay them a 200$, they claim i owe them)
      Titan Poker
      888 poker
      Gutshot Poker
      Comeon Poker
      Cake Poker
      770 Poker
      Celeb Poker
      Terminal Poker

      And the list is actually much longer, lets just say i play on almost all network out there =)

      ITM is around 33% in the freerolls.

      The nasty thing i cant get out of my head is, that when i join a tour with a buyin, i somehow play a lot different. Because i cant differ from the facts that a tour i have to win vs a tour i will win cause it will safe me time.

      Fx if u look @ the graph seeing i lost the first 7 before i got anything. And bw ~48~57 where i dont win anything. And bw ~130~142. In my experience i know it will affect my game, because, i actually have triede things like that.
      About 2 month ago i shipped a 11$ MTT and came out as nr2 ~330$, then i thought i could win anything, but by that time i took a break on 3 days, right after i won, before i wanted to play again. Then i played 1 similiar tour, and when there was 18 left and i was nr 2, i started tilting, on behalf on me looking @ the br and see, that if i won, i wouldt even win that much. So then i played like shit, and came out nr 14, with price to 13 and up.
      After that i blew the hole roll on playing mtt where i not even came close to the bubble, waking up with 22$ left on the roll.

      So i dont know how to get the right mindset for MTT

      However as the topic describe, it is sitngo's im after ;D

      And if i started out as u suggested playing 100 1$ sitngo's, and i end up +1-5$ is that enough to climb in levels?

      Any idea where the direct proportional line bw skill and level breaks? Is there a huge difference bw fx 1$-3$ or how does it develop on the way up?