New video of Gerv: KK ...

    • kiromanAAKK
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      I really like the video as has been made in the structure with a nice deep and analytic way to deepen the study of a particular hand.

      Thank you very much Gerv and hope you can repeat the experience in future with other hands.

      Just one thing I would like ask, when at about minute 39 in the hand with hero on the CO against UTG u talking about the SPR and u come out with an 11 but should it be instead about 7.12?

      I don't thing it will be make a great difference as even 7 than 11 both enter in the medium category but I would appreciate if you may help me on that as it helps me to understand if I work fine with the SPR or not because I got in fact a SPR of 7.119 in that hand at that point.

      Thanks once again Gerv and hope to see more works like that in future. :)
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    • Gerv
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      Thanks for the feedback :) would be appreciated if you could share the questions in the video comments because I get a RSS notification :)

      Concerning calculating SPR it is:
      Stacksize on the Flop (before any action) divided by Pot Flop (before any action)

      So having that said the Floppot is $3.35 and the stacksize is 36.xx$ so you get around 10

      - Gerv