Help Please.

    • Schultziie
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      I got the 50$ like 1-2 weeks ago.

      Played them up to 100$ and entered a tournament, I won
      410$ from that tournament gaining a total bankroll of 510$.

      I needed the big winning I just had, so I transfered 330$ from mansion poker to Mansion account. all fine.

      After that I registred a Bank account and withdrew my 330$ leaving 180$ on my poker account.

      Everything seemed all fine and it says the money should be on its way.

      To the thing: I do NOT have 1000 MCP points, and I read somewhere that you need 1000points before you can withdraw.

      But as I said, everything went fine and didnt stomp into any problems, yet.

      HELP?? If they denied my withdraw, will the money bounce back onto my account? or what is the situation here?

      Best regards, alexander.
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    • hunt32
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      how long has it been since you've requested the payout, you understand that bank transfer requires 5-7 working days if i'm not mistaken, and considering the Easter i think you should try to be patient for a couple more days
    • ancha666
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      you can withdraw all earnings (-50$ free capital) so it should be fine...
    • SoyCD
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      Hey Schultziie,

      If you don't have 1000 MCP points yet, the withdrawal will most likely not go through - since Mansion seems to have changed their guidelines in this regard. If it does go through, be happy - and well if it doesn't, the money should land back on your account.

      Best regards,