Live tourney success!

    • KozakFB
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      Had some great live tourney success just yesterday! :D

      With APL in Sydney.

      11 dollar buy in + single option of add-on/rebuy for 11 dollars.

      Ended up playing solid poker, risking my stack only twice throughout the whole tourney where in both cases it was a coin flip which luckily for that day I ran good in :D

      Came down to final 2, 1st getting 300 + a Pro Open ticket (valued at 109 dollars. A satellite in to a Vegas satellite) and 2nd getting 150.

      The other guy had a 10:1 chip lead (I know..crazy) but he was just new to poker, it was his first poker tournament so I managed to organize a split where I would take 2nd prize money and the pro open ticket :D

      So overall I won 150 + a pro open ticket :)

      Was a relief to win this as I've come so close to winning a pro open ticket on 3 other occasions (funny that these 3 occasions actually came about after I joined this site :P ), following the ICM model as well as I could on the final table.
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