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[NL2-NL10] Tt 02.12

    • UnknownJoseph
      Joined: 22.04.2010 Posts: 5,748
      Pacific Poker - $0.20 NL - Holdem - 7 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

      VICTORY888 (BB): $6.25
      Shalarat (UTG): $20.00
      BattleDoom (UTG+1): $36.79
      andima34 (MP): $16.50
      BGawli (CO): $21.10
      TiltMak3r (BTN): $23.66
      CashAndGirls (SB): $38.72

      CashAndGirls posts SB $0.10, VICTORY888 posts BB $0.20

      Pre Flop: ($0.30) BGawli has T:heart: T:club:

      fold, fold, fold, BGawli raises to $0.40, fold, CashAndGirls raises to $1.20, fold, BGawli calls $0.80

      Flop: ($2.60, 2 players) J:diamond: 8:spade: 2:club:
      CashAndGirls bets $1.30, BGawli calls $1.30

      Turn: ($5.20, 2 players) 3:diamond:
      CashAndGirls bets $2.60, BGawli calls $2.60

      River: ($10.40, 2 players) T:spade:
      CashAndGirls checks, BGawli bets $4.00, fold

      Preflop: he likes 3betting light from blinds so I steal for 2xbb :) , after his 3B easy call decision.
      Postflop: his bet sizing was a little wired so I decided to call on the flop and turn. How do you see this?
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    • ShaQQ
      Joined: 07.10.2008 Posts: 162
      Good line, wp. Your bet sizing on the river does look kinda valueish and you're pretty polarised, so I'd probably go for a larger size, gives villain the impression you're trying to take the pot away and he'll snap a lot of his 2 barrelling range, also you're squeezing out more value. How are you playing river if he fires a 3rd barrel on a pretty blank river? Is he capable of it?
    • luizsilveira
      Joined: 27.11.2010 Posts: 2,320
      Hi BGawli,

      I think you've posted in the wrong section since we're here on up to NL10 :) But since it's done, I'll try to evaluate it if you don't mind.

      Sorry but I can't really grasp what is what in your HUD stats. Since you have a decent sample of villain it would be good to have more info.

      I really think your min open and call are fine to play in position. Depending on how much he 3bets you can actually think of 4bet/call with TT as you will win a decent time the pot preflop and once he shoves you can still have decent equity. But of course, with a good postflop play the call is def. good.

      I don't see his bet size as weird at all. The board is somewhat dry so his standard could very well be 1/2 pot. With 1/2 on flop and 1/2 on turn we're usually left with a pretty good shove size for the river, and it's a decent betting pattern to use both for value and as bluff (depending on board and villain, of course).

      Since you've called pre you can't fold flop to easily in position or you'd be really exploitable. I don't think you should call with TT against a very aggressive villain just for set value as well.

      On the turn I have my doubts. Since he's pricing it well we're tempted but what's your plan for river if he shoves? Or if an A, a K or a Q peels?

      Anyway, if you have reads on him and he is indeed very aggressive I'd go ahead and call down as well and be prepared to bust AK/AQ a decent amount of the time.

      Now... I'm not so sure I like your bet size on the river. You've called twice and now you bet so small, it's a bit obvious you're betting for value and are not relying on fold equity. Would you bluff with 40% pot as well? I'd go ahead and bet something like 7 or 7,5 and would expect to get called every once in a while by a J some times; if you bet bigger, in those times he calls you'll win almost double in your river bet. So even if he calls a bit less, it's still better. I think it's different if you expect to get called by ace high; then you could bet like $1.5 or $2 and level him, since many players won't resist too good odds and will call even with AK there. Just then be aware of metagame since if he's a regular he's def. taking a note on that.