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      Hi. I am 26 and from the uk.

      I have not really played much poker before. Just a few home games and a little online on PKR. Whenever i won it was mainly down to luck.

      I passed the quiz and chose titan poker for my $50 starting balance. Unfortunatley I already set up an account with party poker before.

      I started out playing NLHE on party poker but i kept losing the big pots and my balance soon went. Since i had the $50 on titan i have been playing the 10/20 limit games and i am doing much better.

      I find it easier to work out the pot odds knowing there is only one amount someone can raise. I am very slowly making my way up to the $90 to move up a level. Once i am consistent with my limit strategy I think will have another go at the no limit games.

      My biggest leak was been unable to fold my big pocket pairs after a bad flop. I think i have eventually removed that leak from my game. I am having a hard time learning what my other leaks are but i will post a few hands when i come across them and hopefully somebody else will be able to tell me where to improve.

      Thanks for all the good guides and the $50 starting capital. They have helped me so much. (I never realised table position was so important. It is obvious to me now!!)

      See you on the tables!
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