When you play HU games (both SnG and cash), before each action you do, what are the questions that you ask yourself before making any decision? Just it seems quite different to FR/6-max games where you can place your opponent on a range, and as a result the first question that goes through my head is: "What kind of hands could he have and could he have hit?"

In HU though seems that you can't really do that as your opponent's range is so wide. Additionally, a large % of the time neither of you hit, so it's about playing position...

Currently, when playing are the questions I ask myself:

"What kind of hand can I represent?"
"With what kind of hands could my opponent call?
"Bet for value or bluff?"
"Could the turn/river have completed my opponents draw?" and "Was their play consistent with a draw?"

If betting for value: "What is the best line to extract the most value" and "How can I use my opponent's stack size to get them AI by the river"
If betting as a bluff: "Can I actually represent a strong hand?" and "Is it likely that my opponent will actually fold"

But these questions are kind of general and apply to all kinds of games where you can really narrow down your opponents range. Are there any HU specific questions I should ask myself just so I'm playing logically and not 'button mashing' on a gut instinct? Any other general questions that you ask yourself?