PA can't show the database that I creat in PT3

    • kiddbeck
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      I download all the lastest version of the them.

      Firstly installed the PT3 and the sql, import my past hands, it goes well. then I install the PAv1.19.6, I can't find any database in the preferences- databases -hold'em, so I can't select any..

      anyone know what should i do?

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    • swissmoumout
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      From the PT3/PAH website

      PokerAce Hud does NOT work with PokerTracker 3
      PAHud only works with PokerTracker version 2. We do not expect the PT3 Beta HUD to be released until the middle of March. New customers will receive 100% of their PokerAce Hud purchase applied towards PokerTracker 3. Please see the PokerTracker 3 FAQ for complete details.