[NL2-NL10] nl5 fr AKo

    • nipbourne
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      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.05(BB) Replayer
      SB ($5.68)
      BB ($5.26)
      Hero ($5.27)
      UTG+1 ($7.32)
      UTG+2 ($5)
      MP1 ($6.65)
      CO ($1.98)
      BTN ($5.07)

      Dealt to Hero A:heart: K:club: , Hero raises to $0.17, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, BB calls $0.12

      FLOP ($0.36) 5:spade: 8:club: J:spade:

      BB checks, Hero bets $0.23, BB calls $0.23

      TURN ($0.82) 5:spade: 8:club: J:spade: Q:diamond:

      BB checks, Hero checks

      RIVER ($0.82) 5:spade: 8:club: J:spade: Q:diamond: 6:heart:

      BB bets $0.75, Hero folds

      BB wins $0.78

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    • luizsilveira
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      Hi nipbourne,

      I wouldn't cbet this board against such an opponent.

      His range is super wide, that is true. Problem is: middling kind-of-drawy boards fit super well a wide range. With that I mean a huge part of his range will have at least a gushot (and a player like this is seldom folding a gutshot).

      We don't really have that much equity on the hand at all if he calls, since from your 6 overcard outs we can probably discount the A and K of spades. Which leaves us with 4 outs at best. Not a nice situation.

      I'd just check behind and take a free card; against a super passive opponent with a wide range I'd try to drag to showdown and even be prepared to win sometimes with my A high.

      It's funny but many of these passive players will be more willing to bluff/bet later streets if you cbet but will be more passive if you don't bet at all. It makes no sense at all, and I never get if they do that as a "revenge" or just because the pot is bigger, which means more money for them to take with the bluff. Go figure.

      Anyway, bottom line is: board is quite bad to cbet vs. a wide range and a weak player; against them, try to play more for value indeed and only bluff if the board is very very good and your hand has no value for showdown.