Hand range reduction

    • Txeremi
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      I feel the hand range reduction tool is not practical.
      It's hard to select everything you want.

      For example, if I want to select nothing - Ahigh hands, I can't.
      Also it treats different pairs in the same group, and maybe I don't want to.
      Also you should be able to remove Ahigh+FD for example.

      The way you could improve it is by letting the players select the combos they want in the grid, like add/remove combos by clicking on them and create groups.
      Say, group 1, group 2..group n, with different colors. And then I put my Top pair or better on group 1, flush draws on group 2 ...etc whatever I want, do you catch the idea?

      This way we could easily see #combos ahead, #combos behind, #air combos...etc in a more practical way.

      Thank you.
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    • ZODECI
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      Agree with this. Say you have AdAs and you click hand range selection to define his range. If you select AKs as a possible holding, it lists 4 possible combinations rather than the correct two.

      * Hmmm, maybe it was a bug bcuz it now lists 2 possible combos.