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    • faisalyousif23
      Joined: 06.12.2011 Posts: 4
      hey i have a question, right now i got my identification confirmed and im just waiting on the 50$, my question is on betfair it sais i ofcourse need 2000 player points to keep the 50 , if not it'll expire by next month...lets say i made bets instead of poker and i made 250$ for example but didnt get all the 2000 points required, at the end of the month would i just lose the 50$ they gave me or all of my 250$? thanks for the help in advance.
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    • musashi87
      Joined: 14.03.2008 Posts: 11,847
      You can't use this money on bets EOT.
    • MrMardyBum
      Joined: 14.03.2009 Posts: 2,235
      You cannot use the sports betting feature of iPoker rooms with the $50..

      Plus, you will have a BR protection on your account...

      The purpose of the free $50 is for you to improve your poker game, and I think you should take the time to look through articles and also think ahead of what that $50 could become... Using this site you should be able to make it into something decent :)

      Anyway, good luck with it - Hope you do something good with it and don't just see it as free $$'s to gamble with

    • ExternalUseOnly
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,373
      Yeh the $50 isnt for use on the sports betting sections im afraid once you lift the restrictions by meeting the requirements however you can do with it as you please.

      You should definitely take a look through the blog section of the forum though and see how successful people have become starting from just $50 that could be you too with some hard work and perseverance.

    • Silicernium
      Joined: 22.12.2009 Posts: 3,203
      I even aware of one case in which a member from strategy has won a very large amount in the casino. The poker room has not paid because he has taken money from the $ 50.
    • kolonel71
      Joined: 28.06.2009 Posts: 193
      I got my $50 starting on Party Poker and have 130 days to achieve 100 party points. Seems to be the best of the lot.

      Good luck with it all.
    • Heave112
      Joined: 27.03.2009 Posts: 471
      888 poker is best