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      Hi everybody..
      My name is Damien and I finally got my ass up to register and actually use the forum.
      I have been playing poker for about 5 years now. About 3 years as a .. lets say, semi professional. I had a long stretches I was living completely off of poker but since I also learned a freelancer job. I still took jobs in that one as well.
      Anyway, I was living in the U.S. until the end of last year and have been playing live cashgames, the occasional online mtts and very few live tourneys.
      I was playing everything from 1/3 up to 10/25. But was a 2/5 reg for most of the times.
      I moved to Vienna in the beginning of this year played a lot of 1/2 and 2/5 live cashgame and starting to play a loot of online mtts and mtsngs.
      I kinda shreddered my br a couple of times and haven't quit managed to get back up again. I stopped playing live cashgames since I came to the conclusion that you can't beat tips, variance and the ridic. high rake in Vienna. So I started to concentrate on low (100€+) and midstake live mtts and online mtts and the 180player sngs on stars.
      Well, since the middle of this year I keep loosing every hand, every session and and basically everthing I play. Ran under Ev of about 40k hands in a row and even dropped down to the lowest stake and yet I keep loosing 100 buy ins in 180 sngs..
      So I really felt like I need change. So now I'm here to talk to other people, maybe get staking opportunities and really improve my game..
      Well, that was a lot for my first post so Imma let you start now.. ;)
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