Recently in the process of playing cards, although according to strategy in the play, but also think about why such a strategy will enable us to play.
Simply speaking, that is, to what is the principle behind the strategy.
Some of the problems is relatively clear, such as the AK was filling after anterior fold. And so on.
But some do not understand, so ask of people, can talk about how to generate the MSS strategy. Why such a fight?

Such as the following example:
In the BSS where, AQ AJ (did not consider whether the same flower). No matter what position, as long as people have to fold on the front raise.
But in the MSS in, AQ can be the middle of filling, plus note.

Opponent's range should be no change, why have a different strategy of play?
I think the only changes that may affect this decision, only the amount of chips, but I think not sure why this can affect the amount of play chips.

There can be 99 in the MSS in the middle of the add-filling. BSS can not.
MSS 99 add-in after the other and then add-back, to fold.
So, BSS, why not first add-back, if the opponent add-back, and then discard it?

I do not know that clearly did not.
The above two are just examples, I would like to find out what the principles behind the MSS. Please do not answer for the above example. Of course, the above two examples should be a good starting point!!

We look forward to a reply, thank you! ! ! :f_biggrin: