6man turbo poker career

    • Atkutes
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      Hello everyone.
      I can say that i am a new poker player, like poker players say "fish" :f_cool:
      My poker career began, then i saw poker on TV, before 2 years maybe, from that time i starting to play poker for my leasure, not for real. Like other player on this forum i began to play with my friends.
      I played on FTP before close.

      Now i playing at Pokestars. 1.5$ 9man regular speed, i play about 450sample(but i mixing game), i didn't have Bankroll to play this buyin and etc and i still fall to down,
      My graph look very bad

      Tommorow(2011.12.09) i have my first lesson with coach, which is looking foward, and then i decided which poker game i play. I choose from 6man-9man, turbo or non turbo.
      From today i started to get down to science, not to waste my time for nothing.

      :club: short term goal
      1.Read two poker books: Kill Everyone: Advanced Strategies for No-limit Hold 'em Poker Tournaments and Sit-n-go's and Colin Moshman " Sit and Go strategy"
      2. Play from 15-20sample at day
      3. Prewiev my Hand history
      4. Post unknown/hard hand in forum
      5. Update my blog every 2 days.

      :spade: long term goal
      1. Beat micro stakes and go to low stakes

      Which poker game, i must choose? Can give me advice?
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    • kenthmp
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      Hi, only you can give yourself advice on what games to play. Why not try everything and see what games you like the most?
    • Targetme
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      nope I can play mtt's start with 90/180's if you like money
    • Atkutes
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      2011.12.09 at this day i had my first lesson with my coach(which i recomended you, who play 6man-9man turbo or non turbo). First lesson was in progress 1hour 20min. I find out a lot of new thing about 6man turbo, he open my eye. I played poker online, he watching me and he comment hands where i must call, raise or fold, and then after a half hour i comment hand, and he say its good or not. etc.

      Total games played: 16
      Buy in total: 52.5$
      Proit: -11.02$
      p.s i think, it's normal for me, because i am new at this game.

      so my graps look like
    • Atkutes
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      What i do wrong?

      PokerStars - Hold'em Tournament - $50/100 Blinds - 5 Players
      Hand Converter from Pokerhand.org

      OlWor (UTG): $1,970
      Atesh0512 (CO): $1,365
      GonDagu_1 (BTN): $2,145
      rah_burrrt (SB): $1,265
      atkutes (BB): $2,255

      Pre-flop: Dealt to atkutes Ah Kc
      (1 folds), Atesh0512 raises to $1,365 and is all-in, (2 folds), atkutes calls $1,265

      Flop: ($2,780) 7h Ts Jd (2 Players)

      Turn: ($2,780) 8h (2 Players)

      River: ($2,780) 6s (2 Players)

      atkutes Showed Ah Kc
      Atesh0512 Showed Jc Js
      Atesh0512 wins $2,780
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      Maybe you end up in situations where you have to flip too many times ? :rolleyes: