$6 left in account

    • ilovemagic
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      after some bad luck and losing plays im at $6. i dont feel like depositing.

      here is my plan:
      1 sng at a time until i make enough for 10 sng's

      then play 2 at a time until i reach 20 Bi

      then play 3 at a time when i reach 30 Bi

      then 4 at a time @ 50 Bi.

      sounds like a reasonable goal or no?
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    • Spungeh
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      I dont get this $6 left lets play 1 sng at a time :\

      If you can concentrate on more than 1, then just play more than one.. Itll even mean your lose this money quicker, or gain this money quicker...

      Go down a limit, or play some cash games at NL.0.01/0.02 and 3table up.. $6 is aggressive BRM no matter what.
    • SirPaulius
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      after some bad luck and losing plays im at $6
    • Spungeh
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      what site you on..

      stake me for $6 and ill give you $20 back in about an hour?
    • pogodon
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      I don't like the way people play so slow with there small BR. be aggressive as there is no way you can use BRM. with $6, I made $2,000 with $1.60 in a week, I won many tournaments and was crushing the cash games. Be aggressive I think.
    • deezer79
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      Having a $6 BR is pointless so just play micro cash games and hope for the best. If you don't want to deposit then you're gonna have to run like a god with what you have. The SnG strategy you have seems unlikely to work as you'd have to be immune to negative variance. If I were you I'd pound the freerolls till you have a playable BR again.
    • CheckBop
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      the only way is up ! or essex ?:P