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      So i have been playing poker for about 1 year . Last 2 months i have had a lot of success (i usually play MTT / SNGs , played cash but not really liking it ).
      So in the 2 last months i have won ~around 600$ on pokerstars , ~1000E on other site . Here is my question : i am now starting to think maybe i should buy some poker software ( i already have Hold em manager ) and since i usually search people i am at the table with @pokerprolabs i was thinking it would be a good idea to buy a subscription (1yr since its a nice offer )

      Top Shark Pro & Tournament Shark (3000 daily searches) + Hold'em Profiler + Poker Calculator Pro - $129.00/year

      Hold'em Profiler - this seems pretty much as HEM so it's not much worth imo
      Poker Calculator Pro - Poker Calculator Pro advises you on when to fold, bluff, call or raise.

      Okay so this seems good and bad at the same time . I don't like being told what to do , but since i'm multitabling and this could be good . Also , it seems to good to be true , because pokerstars probably bans it ?

      Top Shark Pro & Tournament Shark (3000 daily searches) - this seems good because im instantly getting info about a certain person

      Share your opinions insights , if any of you already use this perhaps tell me whether is really gamechanging

      TL;DR - help me choose a poker software

      EDIT : just remembered of sharkscope site , if any1 has any feedback or insight about it . and has time perhaps he can post that , i might be getting that instead of pokerprolabs
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      In my personal opinion pokerprolabs was never very good (i havent used it for about 2 years though) was always missing a lot of results and such but maybe its improved since then anyone else got any experiences?

      I don't use sharkscope too often either any more but if i was picking from the 2 id pick sharkscope but i guess it all comes down to personal preference