I started with pokerstrategy 50$ staring capital on Pokerstars. However, there is no chance to make any points on limits (fixed limit) i can play with that much of a bankroll (limit 0.1/0.2 at most), becuse you get points only when rake exceeds 0.4$ in individual pot, so the pot must be at least 8$ which is allmost immposible on this limit. It would be hard to get any even by playing 0.25/0.5.

So in a while, Pokerstrategy takes away 50$ starting capital if you dont earn enaugh points unles i misunderstood some things i read about that?
Lets say i play 15k hands per month with 2-3BB/100, so it would take about 3-4 months to get to the 0.5/1 limit, where i could start earning points. But that would be for going up with 300BB which is not really enaugh. I personally prefer 600 or 700BB, so i dont have to go back on previous limit in case of a bad run.

Would be glad to read some usefull answers and opinions.