180man HYPERs on Stars

    • inlovewithamsterdam
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      Are 180 man Hyper Turbo SNGs on Stars worth grinding? They've got insane blind levels so I can imagine it would be variance-high. But at the same time most people don't know what calls to make when 10bb deep, 8bb deep, 4bb deep etc... so we could probably have a big edge.

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    • ThePenny1
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      Varience? They are the devil. Swings are one thing, these things are killers and a ultra tilter.

      I think ICM knowledge is a necessity. Also keep about 300 BI bankroll for these things at least.
    • Atoks
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      Used to be a 180man Turbo sng reg on stars, getting back into them again. The variance on the turbo MTT SnGs are considerable already (it's not unusual to have a -150BI day) I can't even begin to fathom what the hyper turbo variance would be. About the bankroll, I'd say stick to squeaky tight and don't play them with less than 500BI. I used to use a 300BI rule for the 180 Turbos and I'd still recommend that players stick to it. Dry spells in these games can be very very long.