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How I went to conquer the world and came home broke ... again. So PLO it is!

    • Equalibrio
      Joined: 10.11.2011 Posts: 900
      Hello community,
      my name is Damien and I'm 25 years old.
      I started playing poker when I was 15, starting with 5 card draw for pennies. We raised the stakes when I was about 18 years old and had some decent 10/20 cent games running at my home. Nobody knew what the heck we were doing but everybody had fun.
      I was a young aspiring photographer back then who had decent success in wedding and some ad photography so I packed my stuff and moved to New York City to study photography and become the best ad photographer there was.
      I didn't know anybody in New York so I thought a nice poker homegame would do the trick. Unfortunately I couldn't find any game lower than Nl200 so I gave up on that idea .. for about a week.
      So I told a friend of mine to call my parents if I wouldn't give her a call tomorrow, because I'd probably be shot by then. I lived in a neighborhood in brooklyn where I was the only white person and hispanic gangster with teardrops tattooed under their eyes were the norm. The game I was about to attend wasn't far from my new home so I'd figured these were the people I would play against.
      They were some different kind of gangsters, nicer but gangsters non the less.
      Long story short, I booked a 300 bucks winning and I was hoooooked! Cashiiiing! Whenever there was a game going I'd be there before it started and left whenever I lost what I brought or the rake took every remaining stack. ( I didn't know what rake was back then and frankly didn't care)
      I lost some sessions, I won some session and the only reason I haven't gone broke was, they were as much of brainless idiots as I was at that time. Odds? Outs? Percentages? Fuck it I call. I got a feeling! :D
      I extended my journey all over the place. Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Koreatown. There was a game? I was there. Eventually I started loosing more than I won and I got pissed. There had to be more to poker than kinda tried not to play these garbage hands and try to get in in there with some facecards and pairs.
      So I started reading. And studying and reading and signed up for coaching sites and signed up on stars and read and played at the same time and haven't left the apt for about two weeks unless I needed some food at 4 in the morning.
      After these 2 weeks of 48h poker, 5h sleep, 48h poker, 4h sleep ... I went back to my fav. home game up in the bronx.
      I felt like Neo finally able to look into the Matrix the proper way. I knew everything. The percentages, the pot odds, the ranges my opponents were holding (which was 23o+ at that time) and I crushed it. I booked my first 4 figure win in one night. I felt great. I couldn't wait to go back to these morons and show em how to play poker.
      Long story short: I played day in day out. Online mtts during the day and live cash game through out the night. I spent weeks in Atlantic City and quickly moved up the stakes. At one point I played 10/25 nl holdem with movie stars, artist, wallstreet broker or drug dealers a like. I didn't care. As long as the game as juicy.
      Anyway.. the inevitable loosing streak hit me harder than I could ever imagine. No matter what I did, I lost. one outers, runner runner, cold decks and cards without a pulse for weeks in a row.
      Dumb as I was I didn't lower the stakes, I went up. So I played 10/20 HU or 1000$ Hyper Turbo HU sngs on FullTilt. Long story very short. I've gone broke.
      I got staked, I won, I took my share aand broke again. So on and so on.
      So I started working again. I worked as a photographer in europe and payed off some depts. I played some 5/5 cashgame in Germany, did well but spend more money than I won.
      I played a bigger tournament in Vienna when I was asked if I wanted to work for one of their casinos. I agreed and came back a couple of weeks later. I now live in vienna.
      I came here with 400€ in my pocket. What did I do? Played some 1/2 cashgames, what else.
      I worked it up to 7500€ in about 6 weeks. I payed off some of my credit I got for my study, bought furniture, payed the sec. deposit aaand I was broke again.
      I worked for the casino about 3 month until I quit again. Didn't like the job.
      From then on it was the same everytime. I borrowed money, worked it up, payed everybody back, worked my money up, raised the stack, aaaand broke again.
      The loosing streak hit again. But harder. I started to play online a lot and ran under ev for more than 40k hands and lost every pot I entered. It was frustrating.
      So the casino wanted me back. So since I wanted to move in with my girlfriend and, oh wonder, I was broke again. I took the job. Work there a couple of days a month and make enough money to make a living (my gf works as well)
      But what happened to poker?
      I just need a change. So what's the best for me to do? I think I move on and start playing PLO. That's where money is to be made. That's the future.
      While I still play small and midstake live poker events in and around vienna, I concentrate on 6max online PLO.
      I played about 10k hands so far and I'm up a lot. I started playing plo25 and beat the game for about 6k hands. But that was in summer. I know started reading and started from the beginning. I had about 70 Bucks left in my account so I started to play some plo5 and worked it up to about 100. I then decided to play plo10 which I beat for antother 50Bucks. And that's where I am right now. I'm going to play plo10 until I have about 500 in my account and I will then move up to plo25.
      I really wanna improve my PLO game and move up stakes and rebuild a bankroll. Since I don't have a problem with re depositing, I play a very aggressive BR management and see where it leads me.
      The beginning on my blog won't be very exiting as I'm going to put in a looot of hours on low stakes plo tables but I hope to be able to make it interesting asap.
      I will also throw in some reviews of the live mtts I'll play and who knows. I might hit it big anytime soon.
      So If you wanna accompany on my journey to learn and beat plo. I hope to see you here posting and reading and giving feedback.
      Cheers, Damien
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    • Equalibrio
      Joined: 10.11.2011 Posts: 900
      Alright, tonight I won't be playing Omaha since I try to take down a 220€ Mtt in Vienna.
      I might just skip ahead to plo50 if I ship it :D
      I'll keep you guys posted.
    • Equalibrio
      Joined: 10.11.2011 Posts: 900
      So I busted the tournament kinda early so I got enough time to play some plo hands tonight. I played about 2k hands and ended taking home 3 stacks.
      Plo in general treats me pretty good and I#m completely amazed about how many really bad players there are.
      To get a feeling for the game I started at plo5 and quickly moved up to plo10.

      So here are my goals for the future:

      • starting and beating plo25
      • keeping my Goldstatus for Jan (1700vpp to go)
      • Learn more about the game to feel more comfortable in difficult spots
    • TerrorBlade
      Joined: 16.10.2007 Posts: 1,922
      Good luck and work hard! PLO is a harsh mistress...
    • Equalibrio
      Joined: 10.11.2011 Posts: 900
      Thx Terror,
      yeah I guess.. But since holdem has treated me like sh** for a very long time as well.. I might as well just try Omaha ;)
      So far it's going great. Even tho I had a horrible session yesterday.

      I cleared a VIP Stellar Reward and I'm going to take my first 8 buy in plo25 shot.
      So let's do this!
      Gonna post graphs as soon as I know how ;)