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Setting up HM2

    • kimmi1914
      Joined: 04.03.2010 Posts: 3
      Hello, I've recentrly installed Holdem Manager 2, and I was hoping you can guide me which stats to use and how to my advantage, because the video in HM itself is not that useful.

      Thanks, in advance
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    • ZeroDegrees
      Joined: 03.06.2008 Posts: 743
      Hi kimmy!
      First of all and very important: DONT LOOK TOO MUCH AT THE STATS AT THE START! Many of them need many hands. I wasnt able too gain from them at first, the opposite and turned them off for a long time. When thats said, these ud like:

      Number of hands

      vpip/pfr/3-bet- gives an idea of agressiveness and loseness or tightness and hence the player type generally.

      wts and ofc how many times the villain has won the showdown

      Donkbet is also valuable

      steal attempt/defend

      I guess you're playing NL and you want 1 or more. 4-bet? I dont know about that bit, nl players will tip you on that.

      For the appearance I recommend something like:

      icon/name/fold to steal/hands
      SITE SQUARE (name and stack the site uses, in a square or circle)
      vpip/AF/3-bet/pfr in some order u like
      fold to cont bet/donk/won sd/wtsd

      In order to get stats above and under the site square you use appropriate number of 'new line'.

      FIX THE HUD SETUP AT 1/2 cents! And dont mess with them while playing as some amateurs do, *hands up*

      Search for the meaning of the stats you'll be using here.