Speed poker on mobile phones

    • D0p3Ad1c7
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      I was wondering if anyone plays on PokerTubes' Speed poker?

      Its basically just Rush poker, but cash games. Five handed max, and they added mobile apps so you can play real $ on mobile devices..

      Problems are, no HUD, no note taking (can still just have a notepad open I suppose), and its a euro site. Which I guess isnt really a problem, but for me peak hours at like midnight till seven AM =/ Which still only get around 30-40 players at .02 / .05. Weekends pickup a bit and there are usually 10-15 playing .50/1.00 Holdem, and a few less playing Omaha.
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    • shane0878
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      Looks like the same network as Terminal poker, just a different skin.
      If it is, there is feck all traffic on it.
      Terminal has free rolls every hour so i assume these have the same.
      The thing is you can't play the free rolls on mobiles or in a browser.
      Last time i looked (last week) there was only around 30 or so players playing the cash games.
      The software is terrible.

      Terminal Poker (Rush Poker)