Help me analyze my results. Needs serious advice

    • deVall3y
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      Since I started playing 6max ($15, $30, $60) in March 2011:
      -$1592 playing 3971 games
      +$800 from VIP Stellar Rewards
      +$300 from Battle of the planets
      +~$2,500 from Rakeback

      +4.46% ROI over 1008 games at the $15
      -3.29% ROI over 2012 games at the $30
      -5.15% ROI over 607 games at the $60

      About +$2000 since March after 4000 games, which is disappointing for me. I feel like I beat the $30 but as you can see from the graph, I have been losing since June 2006 (See first graph)

      Graph since March 2011:

      I have lost my HEM database in June, so I have a graph only from June (which shows I'm running below my EV). I dont have graph since April, but my EV graph, as I remember, was about +2000 there, so combined with this graph it should mean my EV graph should reach about $0.

      Graph since June 2011

      My balance right now is $5K. I want to make the $30 my main game, but as I keep losing I keep losing confidence and my roll is shriking into levels I dont feel comfortable anymore. I think about moving down to the $15, where I probably have higher winrate, and thus suffer less soul crushing variance.

      What is the chance I am a losing player at the $30?
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    • ghaleon
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      I dont know about possibilities of you being losing player. Most important would be to analyze plays after each session and try to keep results out of that as much as possible and to try get confidense from good decisions. Sweat session with someone or some hours of coaching from experienced player might be good investment to get feedback. 5k$ is easily enough for 30$ 1 table games, but if you dont feel good about it then drop level. But as said brm is not real issue here, but more just lack of confidense on your own actions. That tend to happen to all of us in some way or an other and at that point analyze become even more important.
    • PetChoveka
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      U`re spewing from time to time imo from what i`ve seen playing against u. May be get back to the 15s and get back up when u feel better. Is this only at 30s, bc i`ve seen u on the 60s too.
    • deVall3y
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      These results are from 15 30 and 60
      sigh I guess I must fix my spewing mode first I guess it has a big impact on my ROI. when I think about it I had a lot of disconnects the last few months too. but still...
      I guess I'll go play the 15s for a while until I feel better