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    • DrRaab
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      Just looking for some bed time reading, any Cash Game books you guys would recommend for a person who has the basics, . The main one which has stood out for me is Dan Harrington on Cash Games, what are peoples views on it?


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    • kiromanAAKK
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      Let be range! ;)
    • purplefizz
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      hi DrRaab,

      welcome to our forums! nice first post :D

      i've heard good things about Baluga whale's "Easy game" but i haven't finished it yet :f_biggrin: hopefully other members can contribute their 2cents.

      you can also check out this forum board on poker media. although i think most of it is vids, the occasional book discussion pops up too.

      look forward to seeing more posts from you.

    • MrMardyBum
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      Harrington on Cash games I found to get stale and boring, and most the information inside won't be anything you can't pick up elsewhere, it's just a few different pieces of strategy and information that you can pick up from reading other books and strategy articles then all recycled and spouted out by Dan... This is obviously just my opinion and others may vary.

      Really didn't enjoy the book.

      Easy Game as mentioned is a good read.

      If you are reading in bed, I don't suggest anything to strategy heavy or you'll end up just forgetting 50% of it anyway due to not taking notes and being sleepy.

      I'd suggest something like Treat Your Poker Like A Business, it's got a few bits of strategy in there, but mainly it is just another way to look at how you play your game in regards to thought processes, long-term goals and also offers a bit of inspiration by explaining just how easy Poker is if you approach it correctly. But like I mentioned it's very light on actual strategy although it does have a couple of little gems within.

      I also liked The Poker Mindset, but it's not everyone's cup of tea as I've seen many mixed reviews about this book... I've read it twice.

      As a whole I think with sites like this one DeucesCracked, Cardrunners and others plus the forums now available that most full on strategy books are not worth paying for. I think you are better picking up books that also have a bit of a motivational feel and how to deal with certain points in your Poker career as a whole rather than a few tight spots that you may get in with JJ or AJ etc.
    • DrRaab
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      Cheers both of you, i'll have a look at those! The reason i wanted a book or two was because i find it much harder to sit down, read and take notes from a computer screen than when im sat at a desk with a book.
      Just my personal preference really.

      I also had a look at Daniel Negreanu's book but most people say the only worth while part is his bit.
    • bleudesoleil
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      i just finished "the poker blue print" and its good imo. And for bed time u could try "Ace on the river " by barry Greenstein , its more like an biography but its ok.