Strategy for low hands/hour??

    • slippyjim
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      I went down the casino last week for a 50 + 5€ 50 person tournament. I came 10th, top 7 got paid. But the action was soooooo slow, 20 min blinds seemed OK but we did not even get a round in per blind level - approx 20 hands/hr.
      I saw a flop only 3 times, 2 of those were All Ins pre flop
      The only time I had an Ace was when I was shortstacked with my M below 10 so I kept shoving but never got called.
      Is this speed normal, or usual in casinos?
      What can I do to my play in these situations? I imagine I needs to be more aggressive so open more pots with marginal hands? 3 bet more with or without a hand?

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