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      Hi I am selling some action for tmorrow. Selling off 50% just to lower variance/my roll isn't that high to play it all on my own $. Markup is at 1.2:1 on everything except warmup where its 1.1:1

      Here is my graph for 2011 :

      I don't know when I am going to wake up so I'm not sure if I can play all these tourneys - but will ofc refund with markup if I can't.

      15:00 8.8r = $40.8
      15:30 $8.8
      16:00 8.8 1r1a = $24.8
      16:00 $215
      17:00 $22
      18:00 $22
      19:30 $3.3r = $15.3
      19:30 $215
      20:00 $55

      With markup total = $654.94

      50% = $327.47
      20% = $130.99
      10% = $65.49

      Because I don't like having a lot of backers, ask for a minimum of 10% please. Only Playing if all 50% is sold and recieved 20 mins before the first tourney is due to start - else I'll refund everyone.

      To be sent to letmewinplz8 (UK) on stars only please.

      Played a ton of turbo 180s and quite a lot of nl25/50sh recently so I'm pretty confident in all aspects of my MTT game atm, feel like Im due a score for the work I've been putting in.
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      im sleeping right now till like 30 mins before it starts, so if someone wants to buy some action please just send it and i'll sort it out when i wake up.

      if i dont sell all 50% im nt playing the bap anyway so i would refund then.