Fold To C-Bet

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      When i play using Elephant in most cases the number for the Fold To C-Bet stat is wrong. What i mean is when i raise preflop someone call me and than i bet on the flop and he fold, Elephant says his Fold To C-Bet is 0% when it should be 100% and this happens really often and not only when there is 1 hand for the said player. I have seen this even for players with 300+ hands and their stats for Fold To C-Bet is still very very wrong! Actually its exact the opposite to what it should be, which can lead to loosing some good amount of money just because of the Elephant! It will not be so bad even if it is like that for all situations, but when for some situations it caunt it right and for other its wrong than you dont know when to trust to that stat and when not to.... and i am sure all of you know how important is the stat for Fold To C-Bet.... So please fix this as soon as possible (this problem is from long long time, not from soon, maybe an year or more), or if there is a way to fix this problem tell me about it please!
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