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I instacall and frequertly realize 2 minute afterwards that I did the wrong decision

    • expandir
      Joined: 07.08.2008 Posts: 540

      Well, first of all, thanks for taking the time and effort to answer my question . I appreciate it.

      Yesterday, it happened again. As it always does. 170e live tournament. With blinds 300/600/50, Some fish limps EP. I see KK like in the CO, I dont think about his range, I raise like 1800 to create around a 2 SPR pot and commit with any non-ace flop. That was the idea. So, everyone folds, and we see a flop. The pot is around 5k. We see a flop AAx. He instashoves. I instacall. I like leveled myself into thinking "he cant just shove allin 2x pot with the ace, he doesnt want to scare me, and as there's two aces accounted for, there's a lot less aces in his range. And another player shoved 2x pot when he reraised the pot like 3 levels ago, in a flop 986r and I talked myself into folding TT thinking he could easily have JJ+ and I was crushed. He had AK. So "players in this table" can 2x pot shove with air. (BTW, this same player did the same some levels later with TP)

      The truth is, I kinda think I thought that.

      I just instacalled. It took me like 2 seconds. But my mind went somethin like that. I just didnt think that:

      *he's old
      *he has played tight so far, and very carefully, and doesnt seem like a tricky player
      *a fish limps a lot of Ax in all positions, specially in EP.

      He obviously had AT, and almost went busted.

      What can I do to stop instacall in situations and remember to


      every single hand and take my time? Im so impulsive, what's stupid is that lately I realized almost inmediately of my good and bad decisions in g.bucks terms.

      What can I do to stop doing this kind of instacalls and remember to think?
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    • 1984ioc
      Joined: 16.07.2011 Posts: 712
      Hey expandir,i encounter this problem as well sometimes and look forward to hopefully some insightful replies.Not in a position to tell you what or how to do things but i normally find myself making these calls when i am either slightly tilted or at the later end of a long session.Can also do this when i have a grudge against a player which i know is stupid.

      Only play online but will also have to find a way to combat my urges to make irrational desicions when i should sit back and think about everything.

      You should maybe post this in the Jared Tendler discussion thread as he is incredibly helpful with the mental aspects of the game.

      I will try and tell myself to not press any buttons and thati will give myself at least 30 secs before i do anything.As we both know it is alot easier said than done.

      Hope you (and i ;) ) find solutions to these problems.

    • furculision
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      stop insta calling
    • Shevtshenko
      Joined: 06.12.2009 Posts: 4,237
      well, i don't necessarily think that KK is a fold in that spot but i'm not gonna go into that since it's not the point here.

      You're close to getting it right. If you know what's the right play, all you need to do is practice hard, as long as you get to the point that you know one second before making the correct play what the correct play is. The tough part in poker is to actually figure out the correct play...