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      Sadly have no Holdem Manager so will have to type this. Please move this to the proper forum as I can't find it - thanks moderators :) . Wondering if I should be adjusting my shove-calling range and wanted to know what others think. Tired of bitching so this isn't to be put under "downswing" or "bad beats" discussion.

      5 left in a 6 handed SnG and I have AJ in the small blind and 13BBs left. Early position limper and then another follows him from button. I shove with my AJ, figuring I'm ahead of anyone's limping range. First limper snap calls with A6 (diamonds) and flop comes a 6 and 2 diamonds. Obviously the guy wins.

      He just called so quickly. I wouldn't even have played that hand from UTG with chip stacks as they were. Am I wrong? Getting numb to this happening to me everytime I get to that stage in a SnG and starting to think it's me being a nit. Is A6s an easy call there? If I had 7-8BB...maybe I'd call.

      Did I make the right play here? Is AJ a shove in that spot?
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