You Dont Call!!!!!!!!!!1

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      Question 9: You got a freeplay in the big blind and hit a flushdraw. How do you play?

      I dont get this sort of play, if your on a flush draw and the bets not that big shouldnt you be able to call. Why fold automatically, regardless of the ebt size. I would play it depending on the bet size, to big and its not worth it. But if its cheap I would call. Am I wrong. Please help me out with my reasoning guys.

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    • Mugge88
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      Of course you can call if you get very good odds, got a very high-end flush draw, are last to act, and
      a: know that your opponent won't bet the turn again or
      b: only calculate your odds for the turncard when deciding whether to call or not.

      But generally drawing hands are bad for the SSS since you have terrible implied odds and also have very little folding equity if any at all due to your small stack.

      This is a whole lot of stuff to consider when you end up in a situation, and since it happens relatively rarely it shouldn't be a part of a beginners strategy, since there are much better places to improve your game which should be perfected before going deeper into the SSSs.

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