How many tables/hands?

    • Equalibrio
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      Hi, I come from mainly playing 180 Turbos and mtts. So I'm used to play 15+ tables.
      I just started to play 6max plo and doing 6 tables, sometimes 8. But I think no more than 6 is best to improve my game.
      I noticed that I only see about 250 hands/h. This really isn't a lot. I'm used to see at least dbl that from playing 6max Nlhe.
      Playing so few hands you need to play higher stakes to accumulate the same hourly, right? Or is it that you usually have a way higher bb/100 in plo than in holdem?
      How many tables and hands/h do you guys play?
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    • Tarhonya
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      check out Hands/hour - What's your average?

      I think you can increase the number of tables until you reach your optimal maximum hands/hr when you're still not missing on any action.
      Also, playing on higher stakes to compensate is not a good idea.
    • Ribbo
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      I enjoy playing 4 tables of 6 max or 6 tables of full ring.

      But then I also like browsing the internet and reading mail between hands. :f_biggrin:
    • lidibogovic
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      i enjoy playing 6 tables of 6max...(playing plo20 at the moment)
      couple of reasons: it fits perfectly in my 22" screen :D , and as ribbo mentioned allows you to do plenty of other stuff while playing (which i am not saying is good, but at least up to plo20 you can kill the game just by playing straightforward, so no point really in trying to catch some bet sizing patterns or so, cause majority of players doesn't even know what that is)...
      tried more tables, 9 or even 12, but occasionally i get caught in the middle of some multiway action which sucks cause ipoker doesnt have timebank, so hard to make all the right decisions; and i am flying all over the screen with my mouse pointer 100km/h, which i don't like. so 6 works best for me so far..
    • EmanuelC16
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      6 tables of 6max on Stars and I get about 450hands/hour maybe even more. I try to play as many fast tables as possible to increase my hands/hour.
    • JonikoP
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      I miss 4 tabling rush poker for 1400 hands/hour. :f_cry:

      Could be back soon though :s_biggrin:
    • Tarhonya
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      Originally posted by JonikoP
      1400 hands/hour.
    • Kyyberi
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      All the cool guys 8 tabled Rush.